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Our actions, many times, have in their bases contents praised by specialists in the areas of
service and quality management. We intend to associate these concepts to the nature of our
work operations. A clearly example is the concern we constantly have in “doing right the first
time” - from the Zero Defects philosophy, of Philip Crosby (1979). Through this, we do not intend to reach the perfection. But, we do not feel comfortable with the idea that “failures happen”. In such a way, we are aware the mistakes can cause instability in the relationship with our clients.

In this way of thought we are always working proactively, in a never-ending cycle, to anticipate
to the errors and create a trust and safety business environment. We brought to our service operations the basic concept of poka-yoke, invented by Shigeo Shingo in 1960’s, where the intention is to avoid inadvertent mistakes. The flow of information company↔client is what deserves more attention in this direction. We are gradually applying simple and efficient mechanisms in the prevention of errors, always in advancing the time of each stage executed
by ROSSO TRADING everyday.    

We can also point out the use of the Transactional Analysis concept, by the North American psychiatrist Eric Berne (1956), where we make good use of some abilities that we judge essentials for our work:

Self-knowledge: Persistence, reflection and introspection to define the fundamental project of our company, our trajectory and the engagement with the common purposes and goals.

Interpersonal ability: Establishment of constructive relationships with co-workers, staff and clients. We believe that the capacity to deal with conflicts and to negotiate is a key element for a healthy work.

Connectivity: Capacity to create relationship nets, to engage people in common goals with
much synergy. We want to establish long-lasting and authentic partnerships with people we have a respect.

Versatility: Fast adjustment to the new scenes and requirements of the market. The dynamics of the market requires changes in the work processes and management philosophies. Our concern is always to think about HOW making, not more in WHAT making.

Disposal to learn: Humble position to recognize limitations and to take a large knowledge.
With this, we are prepared to coexist with the inconstancy and to make a very good use of
chances which are presented to us.

In a general way, we see our services as an opened system, where we try to
make the clients a part of it, every time. Our obligation is taking care of their requirements in
the process stages, from the prospecting and accomplishment of the negotiation to the contracts execution.


Rosso Assessoria Comercial Ltda | Rua Santa Rosa, 186 -Sala 09  CEP 98920-000 – Horizontina/RS –Brazil  | Phone/Fax: +55 55 3537 6842 rossotrading@rossotrading.com.br